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Macedonian Archaeological Museum Among 15 Best in Europe

The Macedonian Archaeological Museum was included among the 15 best European Museums Accademy during the 20th jubilee presentation of the LUIGI MICHELETTI award by the European Museum Academy held in Brescia, Italy.

A delegation of the Macedonian Archaeological Museum participated at the jubilee event held from May 7 to May 9.

As the only museum from the Balkan countries, the team of the Archaeological Museum led by director Vesela Cestoeva and the representative of the European Museum Academy for Macedonia, Gordan Nikolov, presented the Macedonian historical and cultural heritage located in the newly erected building in Skopje.  

At the event in Brescia, the Macedonian Archaeological Museum was represented with the country’s constitutional name on the European representative map, the Archaeological Museum announced.

"The museum’s goal is to confirm the national identity based on the collected, processed and presented heritage. Judges from the jury feel that this young museum will have an impact on the Balkans through as an example of modernization," the jury’s report reads.

Museum’s director Cestoevae expressed satisfaction from the results and made contacts with representatives of other European museums in order to establish mutual cooperation.

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