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Increase in Flyovers over Macedonia by 27.6%

Macedonian aviation authorities are initiating the launch of new air lines in Macedonian skies, being one of the future steps towards enabling further rise of the number of air operations.

The new concepts for increased regional cooperation and air traffic development of the countries in South-eastern Europe are debated on Wednesday in Skopje by the managements of aviation agencies in Balkan countries and beyond and officials of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol). The number of flyovers in Macedonia in the first four months of 2015, compared to the same period last year, was increased by 27.6%.

The Civil Aviation Agency says it is expected this trend to resume. “With the opening of Kosovo skies, last year flyovers in Macedonia increased by 54%. Compared to 2014, this year a rise of 3-4% is projected, which is being realized. We are moving in an upward trend in regards to air traffic thanks to upcoming concepts,” stated Goran Jandreoski, director of the Civil Aviation Agency. Hopefully, he added, one initiative launched by the Agency and backed by regional offices of the agency will pave the way for the opening of new air lines flying in the Macedonian sky.

A significant growth of air traffic in recent years has been registered in Macedonia and the region, according to the Eurocontrol director, Frank Brenner. “Macedonia is a member of Eurocontrol since 1998. Seeing how brilliantly aviation has been developed, it’s evident that the total number of aircraft movement in 2014 rose 30% more than 140,000 flights annually,” stated Brenner urging that regional cooperation between national authorities and air traffic controllers was of major importance.

“Effective cooperation and efficient management of air traffic cannot be achieved solely at national level, it has to happen amongst all countries, which has been recently clearly demonstrated with the introduction into the airspace with free lines in the region of Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade. It is up to us, aviation professionals, to provide more direct lines, passengers to travel faster, aircrafts to spend less fuel and save money,” Brenner noted. Eurocontrol, he added, manages the network not only of EU members, but also the network of all countries in Europe. “This pan-European nature is of great importance especially for improving the performances that are needed in the whole of Europe.

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