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Church Holy Mother of God Perivlepta in Ohrid to Be Restored

Macedonian Culture Ministry is beginning a program to preserve and protect the bell tower in the ancient Church Holy Mother of God Perivlepta in the City of Ohrid.

The Ohrid Culture Institute prepared a project to restore the bell tower that would include replacing its roof and preserving the facade. The large cathedral and the adjoining monastery, located atop the old City of Ohrid, from 12 century, and houses icons painted all through the ages, up to the 19th century.

The Church was also known as The New St. Clement church, because the original St. Clement Church, located in Plaosnik, north of the Ohrid castle was demolished in the 15 century, so the remains of St. Clement were carried to Church Holy Mother of God Perivlepta. The remains were returned to the rebuild Plaosnik cathedral in 2002. The bell tower and the bell were donated by famous American scientist Mihajlo Pupin, who originated from the Balkans.

Church Holy Mother of God Perivlepta is known for some of the masterpiece frescoes  painted by artists Mihael and Evtichij. It also contains the grave of famous poet Grigor Prlicev and is the seat of the Ohrid Mitropoly.

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