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Much snow in Mavrovo

There is 21 centimeters snow cover in Mavrovi Anovi, 18 centimeters in Lazaropole, 16 centimeters in Krusevo, and 13 centimeter in Kumanovo.

According to information from National Hydrometeorogical Service, there are 9 centimeters of snow cover in Bitola, eight in Pretor, seven in Stip and Prilep, six in Debar, five in Vinica, four in Skopje, three in Demir Kapija and two centimeters in Kriva Palanka and Berovo.

The snowfall has stopped and according to the National Hydrometeorogical Service, new snowfall is expected for the weekend.

Cloudy weather with occasional sunshine will continue until the end of the week.

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