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“Macedonia – successful tourist story” at fair in Bulgaria

Agency for support and promotion of tourism (ASPT) presented its tourist potential at the fair in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period from February 13 – 15.

A the tourism fair in Sofia was held press conference and presentation of tourist potential of Macedonia, which was addressed by Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Bulgaria, Mr. Blagoj Handzhiski, Director of ASPT, Mr. Kristian Dzambazovski and ASPT spokesman, Mrs. Maja Gligorovska.

This Tourism Fair is excellent opportunity for all participants to present and advertise their existing tourism products and its new programs to make useful business contacts, said Ambassador Handzhiski and said “the time has passed when the tourists were looking classic holiday of our lakes, mountains or seas, when it was thought that for state is enough to have rare attraction and unforgettable natural beauty. Today, the tourism product is required to offer throughout-the-year cultural, spa, relaxing, eco – tourism and hobbies. Today tourism has grown into one of the most important economic sectors in all countries. Starting from here, what should be done at the government level is to provide faster and more reliable access to tourist centers in both countries. That matter was discussed and was signed the relevant protocol by our Ministers for transport, which declared projects of mutual interest and agreed to timetable for their construction. We work together on the opening of direct airlines between the two countries. Last year was established Macedonian – Bulgarian trade chamber that works on improving the conditions for increased trade. All these measures and positive atmosphere between the two countries despite the crisis, contributed to achieve increased trade. According to the survey conducted last year by the Chamber for Commerce – Industry of Bulgaria, Macedonia was found the 3rd place on the list of desirable destinations for doing business and investment.”

Macedonia and Bulgaria as two neighboring countries have many things in common, one of them is tourism, said Director of ASPT, Dzambazovski.

- According to the State Statistical Office, the number of foreign tourists is increased by 15 %, while the number of Bulgarian tourists who arrived in Macedonia is increased by 15.5 %. These excellent figures show that the cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria is quite high, and we hope that this trend of growth will remain in the future because we have high expectations from this market. Bulgaria at moment is ranked as fifth in the number of tourists, just after Turkey, Serbia, the Netherlands, said Dzambazovski.

At the Tourism Fair in Bulgaria, Macedonia introduced new design of the stand and new promotional materials.

- This year, Republic of Macedonia has new creative in terms of stand and promotional materials. In 2014 will we communicate with the “senses”, which we think if you visit Macedonia, all of them would be satisfied. Everything was in the mark of the senses, while the number of visitors and the interest they applied for Macedonia has shown that we have completed the task successfully, said Maja Gligorovska, spokesman for ASPT.

Tourism Fair in Bulgaria is the 7th in row where ASPT represent Macedonia this year. In the next period, Macedonia will be present at the fairs of tourism in 8 more countries across the world.

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