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Smolare, Highest and Most Beautiful Waterfall in Macedonia

Deep in the forest, over several hand-made bridges, surrounded by 100-year-old beech trees, lies the Smolare waterfall. Located above the village of Smolare, in the Municipality of Novo Selo in the southeastern Macedonia, on the northern slopes of Belasica Mountain, at 600 meters above the sea level, it is the highest and most beautiful waterfall in Macedonia.

As unique nature touring attractions, Smolare and Koleshino waterfalls are two of the most beautiful national treasures of Macedonia. They are located at the north side of the mountain Belasica, covering its lowest hill. 

Smolare waterfall is one of the highest in Macedonia i.e. 39,5 meters high. The main fall is surrounded by numerous smaller waterfalls within that area. The landscape surrounding the waterfalls includes many bridges constructed by the local villagers, built mainly for their own usage, which, later on, made this place a tourist attraction.

Crashing down the smooth, black rock face, and surrounded by 100-year-old beech trees, this waterfall is visited by tourists throughout the year.

To reach the majestic beauty of the Smolare Waterfall, visitors must find their way up a nature path which includes 300 stone steps made of natural materials.

Once at the site, deep within the forest, tourists can gaze at the waterfall from a wooden bridge constructed in front of the crashing water, enjoying the refreshing spray as the waterfall collides with the rock face and meets the river below.

Visitors can also enjoy the picnic and camping areas constructed at the base of the path, as well as a marketplace opened in 2007 for residents to sell local products, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, and crafts.

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