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Italians Interested in Macedonian Tourist Offer

Republic of Macedonia exhibited at the BIT International Tourism Fair 2014 in Milan, Italy from 13 to 15 February 2014.

The Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism decided this year, too, to continually promote Macedonia at this renowned tourism exhibition with an ambition to attract and enhance the interest of the potential tourists from Italy.

Macedonia, a country of a rich history, culture, religion, architecture, nature and tasteful food and wine, of course, attracted a big number of visitors who were not left indifferent towards the new attractive destination in the Balkans.

Macedonian tourist potentials were presented at the Italian market with a new design of the stand, video materials of the "Macedonia Timeless" promotion campaign and new promotion materials prepared for the Italian market. 

During the three-day promotion Macedonian stand was visited by tour operators and journalists from Italy, and a lot of potential tourists who were interested in the religious, cultural tourism and the round tours in the Balkans including Macedonia.

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