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How much wealth and beauty hides Matka?

Divers from the Speleological Club “Vrelo” and the Diving Club “AQUATEC” during the latest underwater expedition in the waters of Lake Matka photographed part of the walls that are believed to belong to the old Macedonian church.

The remains of rock-solid construction are about 1,500 meters from the dam on the river, at its base, next to the former bed of the river Treska.

- In the space that marked during our first expedition, at the early 17th century, the traveler Evliya Çelebi has registered the villages Kozarevo and Vince, where were living about 150 families. Today, over the same area on the surface there are still remnants of the monastery St.John Chrysostom and a source that is considered to have healing water. During our expedition, we managed to record and photograph of the walls that we believe belong to the old Macedonian church. Now, it is turn to inform the relevant institutions with a detailed analysis, said Kiro Angeleski, the president of “Vrelo”.

The whole world heard about the rich cultural heritage ofMacedoniaand part of it hidden in the waters of Matka.

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