Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Action for the protection of Prespa Lake

Prespa Lake is one of the oldest, but also the cleanest lakes in the world, but the past impacts it may indicate that it might change this status, said the Mayor of Resen, Gjoko Strezovski at press conference, reports MIA.

Knowing as he said the invaluable importance of this lake in the sustainable future of Prespa and its inhabitants, Municipality Resen together with UNDP and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation has taken decisive action to protect it from numerous negative influences.

In the past two years in order to protect the lake, were invested one million USD. It is provided drainage and wastewater treatment at three significant rural areas in Prespa. It was built facility for composting of organic waste, and through the Nature park Ezereni is  protected one of the most valuable areas not only in Prespa, but wider. In addition, was purchased the first ship for monitoring and modern laboratory equipment.

Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Rare Church in Kurbinovo to Open for Visitors

The St. George 12th-century Church in the Prespa Village of Kurbinovo is expected to be open for visitors by the end of this year, daily Dnevnik reads.

The little church depicted with one of the most beautiful fresco paintings in the world will be fully protected inside and out. The church was built in 1191 during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Isaak II Angelus.

The Macedonian Culture Ministry says that one of its priorities is the protection of St. George church, which was declared a cultural monument back in 1952 as one of the highest accomplishments of Eastern Christian culture. The project on the temple's protection is carried out by expert teams of the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum in Bitola.

"In the past period, the teams performed geo-technical and mechanical research on the construction of the church. At the same, of the fresco painting was made as well. The aim is to determine the painting technique, the types and scale of the damages", officials of the culture ministry say.

One of the most beautiful fresco paintings

The conservators conducted additional physical and chemical analysis of the fresco paintings in the upper zone of the church. They also prepared a project for preservation of the frescoes and a project for making temporary protective roof over the edifice.

According to Liljana Hristova, the director of the National Institute and Museum-Bitola, after the placement of the protective roof, the teams will continue with the evaluation of the church architecture and the roof. With the completion of the researches and the preparation of the project documentation, the direct conservation and restoration work on the fresco paintings will begin, by application of contemporary techniques and methods," Hristova says.

Macedonia: Alternative Tourism Becomes More Attractive

The alternative tourism is becoming more interesting for the foreign tourists. The Slovenians, the Germans and the Dutch enjoy walks in national parks, they want to taste Macedonian specialties, but that is not enough.

Tourist guides appeal that the offer must enlarge. One of the possibilites is cross-border cooperation.

“We have great potential to develop the alternative tourism and should use it. Besides the food, wine and mountain biking, in the program we have included diving and we are also thinking to intensify the parachuting”, says Saso Apostoloski, touristic worker from Ohrid.

Rural tourism is especially attractive.

“Here, the tourists do not come exclusively for the beaches. We need to give them something more to see. Typical example is the village of Elsani where guests eat domestic food, cook together with the hosts, ride donkeys, enjoy the nature”, adds Apostoloski.

Gonce Jakovlevska from Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation claims that we should do everything possible to attract foreign tourists, but we must not neglect the domestic guests.

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2015

Huffington Post - 10 Gründe Makedonien zu besuchen

Die amerikanische Huffington Post beschert uns einen schönen Artikel in dem 10 Gründe vorgestellt werden warum man Makedonien besuchen sollte.

"Malerische Dörfer, eine Wein Region, schöne Berge, wundervolle Seen und Szenerien, mit reicher Historie, gutem Wechselkurs und freundliche Leute" wird schon in der Einleitung des Artikels Geschmack auf Makedonien gemacht!

Skopje wird als charmant und kosmopolitisch bezeichnet.

Die zehn Gründe warum Ihr Makedonien besuchen solltet:
  • Mix aus alt und neu
  • Erschwinglich
  • Leute
  • Nahrung
  • Wein
  • Aktivitäten im Freien
  • Sehenswürdigkeiten
  • Shopping
  • Hotels
  • Festivals
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