Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Was bietet die Speisekarte der Galeere auf dem Vardar?

Die neuen Attraktionen in Skopje werden sturmreif, die erste Restaurant-Galeere auf dem Vardar Fluss ist eröffnet. Bilder von der Galeere HIER KLICKEN.
Aber was kann man kulinarisches auf der Galeere essen? Wir lüften das Geheimnis:

Schweinshaxe "Filip II" - 400 Denar
Muskel vom Rind "Bukefal" - 420 Denar
Makedonische Platte "Kutlesh" - 620 Denar
Vorspeiseplatte "Alexander der Goße" - 650 Denar für zwei Personen oder 1.300 für 4.
Salat "Olimpija" für 150 Denar und vieles weitere mehr!
(PS; 1€ = 61,5 Denar, 10€ = 615 Den, ...)

Schiff Ahoi und Guten Appetit!!!!

Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Ohne Kommentar - Der neue Blumen Ball am Boulevard VMRO

Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Macedonia: Paragliding Launch Site to be Promoted in Krusevo

Paragliding launch site titled “Meckin Kamen-Istok” will be promoted today in the historic town of Krusevo.

The investment is part of USAID’s project for expansion of small businesses, and is realized in collaboration with the Municipality of Krusevo, the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism, Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia as well as experienced paragliders in the country.

At the venue, Zlatko Spirkoski, a paragliding instructor, will present the new equipment at the launch site and demonstrate its use.

James Stein, Mission Director of USAID in Macedonia, Gjorgji Damceski, Mayor of Krusevo, the Director of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism Kristijan Dzambazovski and a representative of Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia will hold speeches at the opening.

USAID’s project for expansion of small businesses this year will equip four launch and touch down sites for paragliding in Macedonia.

Paragliding is popular among foreign athletes and tourists who use the services of our local clubs for paragliding. It is expected this new equipment to make these fields more attractive to foreign and domestic visitors, which in turn will aid the local economy.

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

Luxuskomplex-Wohnanlage Verina in Skopje

Die Wohn-Anlage Verina für wohlhabende ist die erste Anlage dieser Art in Skopje. Auf 30.000 m² erstreckt sich purer Luxus, geschützt von Hauseigenem Wachdienst liegen 58 Wohnungen die zwischen 170 und 210 m² groß sind. Die Luxusinsel liegt bei Volkovo und Orman direkt an der Umgehung von Skopje.

Samstag, 19. Juli 2014

Macedonia Sculptures

Growth of passenger numbers on Macedonian airports is three times higher than European average!

“Alexander the Great” and “Ss. Apostle Paul,” the two airports managed by” TAV Macedonia” in the first half of 2014 continued with steady growth in the number of passengers. From January to June, the domestic airports were used by 559,779 passengers, which is increase of 18.5 percents compared with the same period last year, when their number was 472,536.

-While in Europe, the rise in the number of passengers is between five and six percents, Macedonian airports in the first six months of the year had increase, which was three times greater. “Wizz Air” opened its base at the Skopje airport and began to fly with two planes to new destinations such as Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Cologne. In addition, “Alitalia” again opened the direct line from Rome to Skopje. Since the beginning of the year to date, top five destinations are Istanbul, Zurich, Vienna, London and Malmo, highlights Zoran Krstevski, general manager of “TAV Macedonia”.

Although summer has started recently, the country is proven as truly popular choice among travelers. In June last year 107,178 passengers used the services of Macedonian airports, while in June 2014 this statistical category reached 126,430, which is improvement of 18 percents.

-As result of direct flights to many destinations from Skopje airport, has increased the numbers of passenger, not only in Macedonia, but also from other countries. In order to maintain growth in the number of passengers since we have started with management of the Macedonian airports, “TAV Macedonia” and “TAV Airports”, continue with promotional and marketing activities, says Krstevski.

The part with the number of flights or aircraft movements also showed improvement, not only in the previous month, but also in the first half of the 2014. In June 2013 there were 1,176 take-offs and landings, and in June this year 1342, which is increase of 14 percents. In the first six months of 2013, however, there were 5.740 movements, and from January to June this year, that number is 6.331, which is improvement of 10 percentage points.

These latest data indicate not only the statistical increase in the number of passengers at both airports managed by “TAV Macedonia”, but also serve as confirmation of the confidence they have in the services the company offers. With the use of the airports, they provide personal confirmation of the award “Best Airport in Europe”.

Skopje airport “Alexander the Great” won this award in the category of airports under two million passengers, which is assigned by the International Council of Airports, the global platform of the airport operators. Given that the company has won the award twice in row and taking into consideration the growth in passenger numbers in the first half of 2014, “TAV Macedonia” will continue to work hard to keep the leading position and constantly improve the level of services.