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Stenje - A Beach You Should Visit

Stenje Beach gets back its glow from ten years ago. After a long pause, one of the most beautiful beaches of Prespa coastline is completely renovated and made to look like many famous beaches.

Telegraf.mk team, previous weekend visited this beach and there was really something there. More than 500 sunbeds were filled to the last place, guests from all parts of Macedonia, our expatriates as well as locals had occupied this beautiful beach.

Prices are available for all, hygiene is on a high level and definitely the beach Stenje could be included as a hit destination for this summer.

Despite Stenje, on weekends people often visit the beaches: Slivnica, Pretor, Dolno Dupeni and Otesevo ​​and the number of visitors exceeds 10,000 per day which, as the mayor pointed out, is the most significant proof of tourism renaissance that Prespa is experiencing these days.

Accommodation facilities, which are unfortunately in a small number in Prespa are full, but the fact that the people are searching for accommodation in the surrounding coastal villages in Prespa is even more pleasuring.