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Skopje Restaurant 'Vodenica-Mulino' Receives Award for Exceptional Quality in New York

For the first time this year, the 30th International Quality Summit held in New York last week, allocated an award for exceptional quality to a Macedonian restaurant.

With 179 countries as competition, the restaurant 'Vodenica-Mulino' officially positioned Macedonia on the world gastronomic map.

The certificate it received and the gold medal for perfection and business prestige, are some sort of acknowledgements to the restaurant for its constant strives to bring about quality service and innovations in the long run.

Company representatives from 78 countries, business leaders, quality experts academics and diplomats attended the New York ceremony this year.

The representatives from 'Vodenica-Mulino' restaurant, Toni Aritonov and Misko Anic, who attended the ceremony as well, pointed out that receiving the certificate was an honor as great as the obligation to keep the quality level of the restaurant.     

"This award is a huge incentive for the further advancement of standards established 13 years ago together with Mr Stojan Filiposki. To be pasrt of such an elite company at the International Quality Summit is above all a privelage, but also a commitment to constant quality improvement. We remain devoted not only to the mission of creating beautiful food, but art as well", Goran Andrejoski, a kitchen chef at 'Vodenica-Mulino' said.

The International quality summit is part of this year's program of the platform 'BID Awards', whose main goal is recognizing the prestige that certain companies offer through their services, as well as promoting the concept of continuous improvement  of companies and organizations worldwide.