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Direktflug Skopje - Prag ab Mai 2016

Czech Airlines wird wieder die Route Skopje - Prag aufnehmen, ab 20. Mai 2016. Zwei mal die Woche wird die direkte Verbindung angeboten - Montag und Freitag, ab dem 3. Juni wird auch am Mittwoch geflogen. 
Die Route soll mit einem Airbus A319 geflogen werden, die ersten Reservierungen können ab 9. Dezember auf der Webseite von Czech Airlines getätigt werden:  www.czechairlines.com.
Im Jahr 2005 nahm man erstmals die Verbindung Skopje - Prag auf, die bis 2012 bedient wurde.
Der Ticketpreis soll für ein "One Way Ticket" bei 5.029 Denar (ca. 80€) liegen, beide Richtungen werden 9.725 Denar (ca. 155€) kosten.

Skopje-­Prague direct flight will be reintroduced as of May 2016 by Czech Airlines. The company will launch flights starting May 20 twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) and on Wednesdays as of June 13.

Czech Airlines, which plans on operating all year round, is realizing its flights with Airbus A319. Tickets are on sale as of Dec. 9 online on www.czechairlines.com and via the company’s contact center and the network of travel agencies selling plane tickets.

“We consider the region to be a highly perspective one due to the fact that the countries are aspiring to join the EU. Macedonia and the Czech Republic share many business operations. We have seen a potential for regular air transportation in this region. At the same time, we believe that a direct flight between Prague and Skopje will contribute to further development of the business ties between the two countries. Also, we are confident that direct flight will be attractive for tourists from the countries. Macedonia and the Czech Republic, i.e. Skopje and Prague, without a doubt offer numerous attractive places to be visited by tourists,” stated Ján Tóth, Czech Airlines Director for Business and Marketing.

The new Skopje­-Prague flight meets yet another demand of the passengers using the services of the airports in Macedonia, according to TAV Macedonia CEO Zoran Krstevski.

“The re­launch of the Skopje­-Prague flight enables Macedonia and the Czech Republic to increase their economic and cultural exchange. We also expect the number of Czech tourists to rise,” stated Krstevski.

Czech Airlines inaugurated its maiden Skopje-­Prague flight on 17 May 2005, but its flights were suspended on 17 March 2012 after the company was subjected to long and difficult restructuring.

Furthermore, the number of passengers in the Skopje and Ohrid airports, standing at 1,435,053, rose by 21% from January until November.

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