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Über 35000 Besucher im neuen Archäologischen Museum

Das Makedonische Archäologische Museum feiert sein erstes Jubiläum, im ersten Jahr nach der Eröffnung besuchten über 35.000 Besucher das neue Museum am Vardarufer. Das Museum wurde schon im ersten Jahr zu einem der 15 schönsten Museen in Europa gekürt.

New Macedonian Archeological Museum Welcomed over 35,000 Visitors in First Year

The Macedonian Archaeological Museum marks its first anniversary since it began operating in a grand new building in central Skopje, where over 8,000 artifacts are presented to the public.

Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said that, in the past year, over 35,000 visitors came to the museum, including 10,000 foreigner tourists.

"We initiated the construction of a new Archaeological Museum precisely to use sophisticated audio and video technology in presenting the most valuable artifacts from the treasure of our country. We aim to create a museum that will be on par with other similar institutions in the world, and will be the pride of our country", Minister Kanceska Milevska said on Friday.

In honor of the anniversary, the Museum will open an exhibition of the ten most exclusive artifacts, including the Neoligthic clay figuring of the Great Goddess Mother from Tumba Madzari, the monumental belt found in Marvinci, the terracotta icons from Vinica and numerous other exclusive finds.

Museum director Vesela Cestoeva said that entrance to the Museum will be free of charge for a week, beginning on October 18.

"The Archaeological Museum, founded as a separate institution with a decision from the Government made in June 2012 now houses over 50,000 artifacts found on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia which serve to clarify the cultural history of the numerous communities and civilizations that thrived on this land from prehistoric times until today", Cestoeva said.

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