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Skopje Airport Introduces Five More Destinations

As of June 30, low-budget company WizzAir is to introduce direct flights from Skopje's airport Alexander the Great to Barcelona, Oslo, Nurnberg, Hamburg and Friedrichshafen, twice a week.

From St. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid, the WizzAir will operate a direct flight to Basel, also twice a week, as of Wednesday.

The new six direct flights will be handled by the low-budget airliner, but with subventions provided by the Macedonian Government, in line with an agreement signed with the Ministry of Transport and Connections.

In the past period, direct flights were established from Macedonia to Malmo, Basel -Mulhouse, Milan - Bergamo, Eindhoven, Dortmund, Memmingen, Munich, Stockholm, Goteborg, London-Luton, Venice, Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Rome.

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