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Caving in Macedonia

As a born Macedonian i know that Macedonia has plenty of caves.Many of them are discover but same number are not discover yet.Caving not just in Macedonia is not a big travel activity. But many people are fascinate with caves and what they have and all this mysticism around them. Grow up in a city with many caves around me so caving was a type of activity was doing since a young age.Macedonia by the official document has 346 caves. But among the people there is a rumor that exist more than 500. I will write about some of them where they are what you can see and how to get there.


Located on 6km from Makedonski brod (south west Macedonia) Peshna cave is one of the biggest and most amazing caves in Macedonia.Even famous New York Post state that this cave is same as Lord of the Ring cave .On the entrance of the cave  there is midevil fortress. When snow melt a strong creak is going through the north part of the cave.To get there you drive on R1303 road from Prilep to Makedonski Brod. Than you  continue on R1106 in direction to village Devich.On around 2,5-3 km from the spot where you turn onto R1106 youll seefrom the right site . There is around 500m dirt road to the Peshna Cave. Enviririoment is amazing and you will love the view since the first second.As i felt in love in this place and coming every week almost there. MORE HERE


Located in the canyon of Matka near Skopje the capital of Macedonia  Vrelo cave is one of the most beautiful in Macedonia. Is separated in 2 caves .Underwater one is still not completely discover but is thought that is 330m deep which will made this cave deepest in the world. Italian divers come few times to explore the underwater cave but still dont have exact fact how deep is. But they are sure is very deep.

The other part of Vrelo which is on the ground has amazing scenery inside. From the entrance of the cave there is an amazing view on the canyon Matka. To get there you need to catch a bus from Skopje or by car.When you leave Skopje, head for Tetovo. Before you reach the highway, turn left (unfortunately, there wasn’t a road sign when I last visited, so it’s perhaps best to ask the locals).

When you cross the steel bridge, follow the road for another 2 km (the road is not wide and in a poor state, winding through a village). Turn left again and follow the road to a parking space (you can’t miss it, it’s the only one I think).With bus 60 .The 60 is the bus to Matka. But, as a big city bus, it only goes Train  station-Holiday Inn- Partizanski Odredi- Saray-Matka.Its definitely worth to visit . MORE HERE


Through the narrow hole at a depth of 1.5 meters, where you have to crawl in the water, it is entered into so far the largest Macedonian cave “Slatin Spring” (“Slatinski Izvor”), located in the area of Slatina village, fifteen miles away from Makedonski Brod. The entrance of the cave, which has been known to be 3,000 m long, is located on the left side of the confluence of the Slatina River in Treska, on 495 meters above the sea level.Тhe cave is consisted of a long channel, which branches out in several longer and shorter canals. So far 800 meters of length of the cave have been examined, 705 meters of which belong to the main cave channel. In separate locations of the main channel the cave pillars and stalactites dominate, and in the biggest cave hall (20×15 m) larger stalagmites have been built.


As a person born in Veles this area i know most .On 7 km from the city there is Babuna River where is located complex of pre-christian cave churches called Peshti. Peshti caves are overlooking the small babuna river canyon and view from the top of the hill is amazing . To get there is very easy you get to the entrance of Babuna river recreational zone and from there 2 km by foot through some amazing scenery.When you get to this hidden place is just like a place from another world….There is many of this caves all around the place.


The longest cave in Macedonia at 1.2km, is Gonovica south of Gostivar. Which has an underground river and the highest underground waterfall of 7 m. Near here is also Ubavica Cave, almost a kilometer in length and boasting an underground waterfall.

Those are just few of the many caves for caving in Macedonia. If i write for all of them will take me probable a week so i would like to invate you here and explore all of them. Maybe we dont have a white sandy beaches but we have a cave beauty that cant match with anything .