Macedonia Presented at Berlin's Travel and Tourism Fair

Macedonia's tourism capacities are presented at the world's leading travel trade show ITB Berlin, organized by the Agency for Tourism Support and Promotion.

Besides promotion, contacts with tour­ operators and initial direct agreements, the Macedonian delegation is also making efforts to position itself in the debate for strategies and trends in the regional and global tourism as one of the fastest-­growing industries.

"We offer lake tourism, active tourism (mountain tours, religious tourism etc). The interest for our products is big, we have met with tour­ operators from Germany and other countries", said Agency director Lela Krstevska.

Travel agencies are also interested in the problems that countries within the refugee route are faced with, including Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.

"German tour­ operators are mostly interested in Ohrid, but currently they are concerned about events at the Macedonia­-Greece border", says Suzana Zelenikovska of "Fibula Air Travel".

This year's ITB Berlin includes over 10,000 displays from 185 countries on five continents.

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