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Ohrid’s Diving Club Launches Initiative to Clean Lakebed

Divers who are members of the Club for Underwater Activities in Ohrid have started to clean the bottom of the Ohrid Lake from heavy waste on Saturday.

Around 15 divers are to clean the lakebed, in activities deployed in four stages.

"We can’t take out the entire heavy waste from the lake bottom, but with this we aim to raise the citizens’ awareness about throwing waste in the Ohrid Lake," said Milutin Sekulovski – Mikjo, a professional diver and an international diving instructor.

"What I would like to point out is the fact that a large culprit for the heavy waste pollution are the rivers that flow into the Ohrid Lake. All the plastic waste comes from these rivers, therefore we need measures in terms of setting up damns and grids that would prevent the waste to enter into the lake," Sekulovski underlined.

This type of activities related to cleaning the lakebed have been taking place for ten years. This year the cleaning activities are funded by the local authorities.

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