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Renovierung vom Hauptbahnhof in Skopje schreitet voran

Etwa 40% der arbeiten am Skopjer Hauptbahnhof, der vor 33 Jahren eröffnet wurde, sind fertig gestellt. Mehr Informationen im englischen Text unter den Bildern:

Intensive Reconstruction of Skopje Railway Station Under Way

Skopje's railway station is expected to receive a new look in three months, as the reconstruction work on the building intensified. Once the symbol of the capital, it is now turned into a major construction site, Telegraf.mk has learnt.

As workers focused on their job, performing their duties, the supervisors from Macedonian Railway Infrastructure enterprise are carefully making sure the work is completed by May, when the official opening of the station is planned to take place. For the time being, around 40% of the work is completed, including the internal space of the station and the platforms.

At the moment, the steel construction of the elevators that will lead directly to the platforms is being placed, and also the toilets, the escalators, the entrances for handicapped persons, the waiting rooms and the ticket office. The financial means for the realization of this project amount to EUR 2.5 million, as 85% of them are provided through the EU's IPA funds.

To improve the energy efficiency of the train station, a photovoltaic system is to be placed on the platforms of the building. The solar panels will produce electric energy for the needs of the facility.

Reconstruction work on the roof construction is not envisaged in this project. It will only see a refurbishing of the existing steel construction. At the initiative of the Minister of Transport and Communication, the executors of the work were asked to prepare a project on the reconstruction of the rooftop and determine the costs of such an endeavor, MR Infrastructure says.

The railway station in Skopje was put to use 33 years ago and then it represented the most modern traffic center not only in Macedonia, but also in the Balkans. The station, which saw 70 trains and around 7,000 passengers daily, with its specific look and layout was the peak of architecture then.

The current condition is far from what it used to be. There is no longer a jam of passengers despite the fact that the railway transportation is the cheapest one in the country. Only a few trains arrive daily, and the biggest congestion occurs in days when free lines are offered to retired people and students.

The second stage of the reconstruction project entails work on the railway stations located along the Corridor 10 that are also in a very bad condition.

At the same time with the mega project on the Macedonian railroad system, the provision of several passenger trains from China is also ongoing. They will be completely air-conditioned, equipped with vacuum toilets, energy efficient and will satisfy all safety standards, as well as the standards on transportation of people with limited mobility.

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