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Fourth Edition of Mariovo OFF-Road Experience to Kick Off in May

The association for promotion of the cycling Velo Evropa is organizing the fourth edition of the festival Mariovo OFF-Road experience in the village Manastir. The event is to take place May 29 to May 31.

Organizers of the festival are expecting more than 800 visitors. The first day they announce screening of short movies with sports content and photography exhibition from the events of the last years. The second day is reserved for all-day party with DJ’s and a band, self-defense class, aerobic exercises and short cooking class. All the sport activities will be held on the last day (Sunday). The program predicts two mountain bike tours, one road bicycle tour, running, mountaineering and aerobic.

“This year for the first time there will be one new mountain bike route that starts from the village Manastir and will pass through the villages Caniste, Rapes and Zovic. The small mountain bike tour and the race will follow the usual route, and the mountaineering will start from the village Manastir to Zovic and backwards”, stated Slobodan Trajkovski from “Velo Evropa”.

The application for participating is still ongoing and the tickets can be bought in sales network of “Kupi karti za sè”.

“This year the event was promoted for the first time outside Macedonia and we expect great number of visitors from the Balkan countries. We have everything prepared for all the participants than need to show up at the start point at 10 a.m. on Sunday. The nature of Mariovo deserves to be shared with everyone”, says Trajkovski.

The association “Velo Evropa” organizes the event with the support of municipality of Prilep and the USAID program for supporting small businesses.

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