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Skopje won the prestigious award for public transport and group tourism

The city of Skopje won the prestigious award “City Trophy 2013″ on Public transport and group tourism that every second year is awarded by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). It recognizes and rewards local governments around the world who implement proactive policies for sustainable transport, mobility and efficient public transport.

The city of Skopje won the prize for the overall ambitious policy measures for sustainable mobility of citizens and visitors, modern transport infrastructure and promotion of the City of Skopje as an attractive tourist destination.

Today in Kortrejk, Belgium, this prestigious award received the Mayor Koce Trajanovski, on behalf of the City of Skopje.

- It is my pleasure that the International Jury of “City trophy” recognized the efforts of the City of Skopje for organization of quality public transport and complete replacement of the vehicles of the Public transportation company “JSP Skopje “, and on behalf of my citizens I express gratitude. For the past several years the City of Skopje is working intensively on improving road infrastructure and public transportation, also on enrichment of the tourist offer, promotion of tourist visits organized with guides and tourist buses, as well as the convergence of all tourist destinations in Skopje to the visitors. We continue in the same direction. I sincerely invite all passengers to visit Skopje to get unforgettable memories, said Mayor Trajanovski at the ceremony of this prestigious award.

The competition for the “City trophy” were the cities Malmö, Coventry, Liverpool and Vienna, but the international jury singled out the city of Skopje as the most successful.

- The International Jury was impressed by the quality and completeness of the dossier submitted by Skopje, which covered all aspects of the criteria for Excellence “City trophy”. The International Jury considered that, although there is still room for improvement, the presentation of Skopje stood out among the others because of the strong political leadership, dedication and “the heart and soul” put in it, from all those who contribute to the implementation of the firm policy of the city, that is proactive and favorable to bus transport and group tourism, while promoting the image of buses and tourist buses to the citizens and the visitors. Skopje is an example to the European capitals, says Yves Manert, IRU Vice President and member of the jury for “City trophy”.

Among the winners of this award are the cities Dresden (Germany), Chester (UK), Stockholm (Sweden) and Southport (UK).

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