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Autumn's Magic Show Paints Popova Shapka in Entirely New Perspective

Parts of Shar Mountain resemble scenes from a fairy tale during autumn and the season’s magical show includes views of sheep returning to their pens after grazing, sights of evergreen trees, a chilly breeze serving as a reminder that summer is gone, the sun peaking through the clouds... 

A person would be doing himself a favor by visiting Shar Mountain, or by sharing the experience with family or loved ones. Unjustly abandoned when its not winter (ski) season, the location is almost visitor-free during this time of year. 

Hikers, enthusiasts and lovers of nature make time to visit during the weekends occasionally. Familiar with what the mountain has to offer, they delve into hiking adventures along trails leading to the mountain range peaks.  

Autumn, unlike summer, offers different activity opportunities. If you are not at work, or in school, then you should definitely embark on a mountain adventure and enjoy what autumn has to offer. Shar Mountain is definitely a great choice. 

If you live in Skopje or in some other city located in the Polog Valley then Popova Shapka and the ski center Popova Shapka should be on your must see list. 

Popova Shapka can be easily reached by car as the roads are free of snow at present. Parking space is available since there aren’t many visitors in fall.

Upon arrival there, you can immediately feel the fresh air energizing your body. If the weather is sunny then you can expect an invigorating weekend. If you are in shape, it is recommended that you hike along the ski trails. Exploring Shar Mountain trails gives a sense of freedom which is quite enjoyable. 

Another location in the vicinity that is worth visiting is Shipkovichki Bachila. It takes 15 minutes to reach the place using a terrain vehicle from Popova Shapka. The spot’s scenery is somewhat similar to something one would see at locations in the Alps. 

Braver hikers can even attempt to reach Titov Vrv, the highest peak of Sar Mountain. If you start at Popova Shapka, it would take you 4 hours to reach the apex that sits at 2,748 m above sea level. 

Hiking trails leading to the highest peak reveal extraordinary sights of the Polog Valley. But without wind, the view might be blocked by an endless ‘blanket’ of polluted air. Still, avoiding pollution might be the only incentive you need to spend a weekend at Shar Mountain. 

The monastery complex ‘St Naum of Ohrid’ gives an additional sense of serenity while visiting this location. Those that just want to enjoy the weekend without delving into any extreme adventures can do so at the Konak inn, which offers enjoyable accommodation at a fair price.