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Souvenir shop at border crossing 'Bogorodica'

Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska attended Sunday a formal opening of a souvenir shop near the border crossing 'Bogorodica.
It is part of the Government's project for opening of 20 shops across the country. This is the first souvenir shop out the three planned to be located at border crossings, KanceskaMilevska said.
"This is actually a tourist-information center, enabling visitors to buy authentic Macedonian souvenirs and get information material," she said at the opening ceremony.
Gevgelija Mayor Ivan Frangov said opening of such shop was significant as annually about four to six million people cross the border.
Today, Kanceska-Milevska also oversaw the progress of reconstruction of the city library, a project financed by the Ministry of Culture

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