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Visit Macedonia – the ancient country

Macedonia or the Republic of Macedonia is a country located in the central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Macedonia is a mountainous country with  more than 50 lakes and sixteen mountains higher than 2,000 m (6,562 ft).  There are three large lakes ( Ohrid Lake, Prespa Lake and Dorjan Lake), each divided by a frontier line, and the country bisected by the Vardar River.

Macedonia has warm, dry summers and autumns, and relatively stable winters with warm temperatures. Macedonia is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. Do not miss a trip to one of the large lakes, Pelister Mountains, Shar Planina in the West, and the fascinating rolling hills and mountains of the East with its rice fields. The Country has 3 National Parks (Mavrovo, Galicica, Pelister).

Macedonia is dotted with beautiful Orthodox churches, monasteries, and Ottoman mosques. The territory of the Republic of Macedonia has a proud history. Macedonia has been part of many countries, but until its incorporation into Yugoslavia it was never acknowledged as an administrative “state.” The country officially celebrates 8 September 1991 as Independence Day.

The national tourist attraction is Ohrid and Ohrid Lake.  Ohrid is more expensive than any other destination in the Republic of Macedonia. The hotel prices are very expensive throughout the country and charge double rates to foreigners. It is therefore advisable to stay in private accommodation.

The Macedonian cuisine is particularly diverse. It is a representative of the cuisine of the Balkans—reflecting Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. The famous salad is Shopska Salad (mixed salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and grated cheese). Another local speciality is ajvar, a red paste made from roasted peppers and tomatoes, which is either used as an appetizer or side dish. Another typical local dish is tarator which is comparable to the Tzatziki. It is made of yogurt, cucumbers, and garlic and it is served as a cold soup. Macedonian cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of its dairy products, wines, and local alcoholic beverages, such as rakija. Rakija is a strong grape or plum brandy and it’s a national beverage.  The national dish in Macedonia is Tavce Gravce. It basically consists of beans, peppers and other vegetables so can be eaten by vegetarians. Traditionally, it is served with cut sausage mixed and eaten with bread. It is a delicious meal that will definitely leave you feeling full!