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Dojran wird "Kulturhauptstadt 2016"

Am Montag gab das makedonische Kulturministerium bekannt, dass Dojran die makedonische Kulturhauptstadt 2016 ist. Zahlreiche kulturelle Veranstaltung werden das ganze Jahr über auf dem Programm stehen. Letzte Kulturhauptstadt im Jahr 2015 war Veles.

On Monday the Ministry of Culture announced that Dojran has met the criteria to be declared 2016 City of Culture. Dojran's application was selected before those of Bitola, Berovo, Strumica and Tetovo.

"The program includes a variety of specific, quality and diverse cultural content in all fields, projects that promote culture and its values among the youth, activities that affirm domestic work and authors, cooperation with top artists. It encompasses musical events of all genres, art colonies, festivals of drama, poetry readings, exhibits and concerts", said the ministry.

Dojran's title as 2016 City of Culture will contribute to the enhancement of culture in the region, its development and promotion in general.

Title "City of Culture" is allocated for the 13th year running, Veles being last year's holder. It aims at dispersing and developing culture, making content funded by the Ministry of Culture available to all citizens throughout Macedonia.