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First World War Trenches near Bitola - New Tourist Attraction

Gun hatches, trenches, caves for munition and food are still untouched and visible, although 100 years had passed since the formation of the Macedonian Front near Bitola, during First World War, Telegraf.mk reports. 

A new initiative will be launched, aimed at creating a memorial map of the front as well as establishment of a memorial museum in the village of Novaci.

The first map with locations and remains of the Macedonian Front in the Mariovo area will be made. Almost 100 years had passed since the opening of the front, located partially on the current territory of Macedonia.

Until 1918, one of the most bloody battles took place in this region. Today, about a century since the end of the war, objects have been saved which would allow development of memorial tourism.

Pegaz-Edu association will work on the map as a representative of Novaci Municipality, in cooperation with France’s Lower Normandy region.

“The memorial map will include the territory of Novaci Municipality where the front's most fierce battles took place which represents an open sky museum”, Kostadin Popovsli from Pegaz-Edu association says.

He underscores that the structure of the trenches has remained untouched.

"Roads, gun and muzzle loader bunkers, trenches and the whole infrastructure from the war have been stored", Popovski further explains. 

The map will feature data of all historic dates and events as well as the fighting units and the battles.

The goal is to establish several memorial educational and tourist trails in Novaci area, dedicated to the Macedonian Front. The five most important locations have already been determined.

“The breakthrough of the forces along Bela Reka under Sokol peak is the most important event. The 1,050m elevation above the village of Meglenci is also an attractive site. It is a stockade that has never been conquered. In the region near Bac and Brod villages, the biggest battle took place in 1916, whereas in the village of Bac, the first military airport was built”, Popovski explains.

If all the trails are reconstructed, they are expected to attract great number of tourists.

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