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Project on promotion of Vevcani’s intangible cultural heritage

To promote the intangible cultural heritage of the small town of Vevcani in western Macedonia, to use its as means to pave the way for cultural tourism, to preserve a myriad of rites, songs and dances that can be only found in Vevcani is the objective of a project on Vevcani’s intangible cultural heritage that was promoted on Sunday evening.

As part of the project, a brochure in Macedonian and English detailing the rituals and customs of Vevcani has been written.

A photo exhibition was also opened dubbed “Intangible Cultural Heritage Through the Lens” showcasing scenes of rites and customs performed in Vevcani.

The project also features a documentary about the long-running tradition of Vevcani in traditional dances.

“Activities carried out as part of the project are expected to increase the number of promotional activities that present the intangible cultural heritage of Vevcani with the purpose to bolster cultural tourism in the town, preserve many characteristic rites, songs and dances speaking volumes about the rich spiritual culture and knowledge,” stated the project’s coordinator Kiril Bebekoski.