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Mount Galicica Attraction: Paragliding from a Mountain onto a Beach

Paragliding has become a very popular sport in Macedonia lately, and mount Galicica is one of the most attractive locations for gliding.

Adventurers who decide to jump off Galicica’s mountainsides have a unique opportunity and a spectacular view of Ohrid Lake and Prespa Lake, 1,000 meters elevation.

The past weekend we encountered Macedonian and foreign tourists preparing to paraglide. Excited and full of adrenaline, half an hour after the preparations they flew in the air. From mount Galicica, paragliders usually land at Cuba Libre beach.
The gliding lasts around 20 minutes, and costs about EUR 60.

For decades now, people have flown kites and paragliders from mount Galicica, but lately this sport has become more attractive for amateurs as well. Apart from Galicica, other locations for paragliding are Krusevo, Treskavec near Prilep, and Popova Shapka.

With its mild climate, high mountains, lakes, and many sunny days, Macedonia offers many flying days with some of its most attractive terrains for paragliding in the region.

The beauty of mount Galicica is far known. If you haven’t got enough courage to fly a paraglider, we recommend you see it on foot. Mount Galicica has been declared a national park. It is located in the south west of Macedonia, and is characterized by its position is has between the two lakes – Ohrid and Prespa Lakes.

The lowest point of Ohrid Lake is 695 meters elevation, and 850 meters elevation of Prespa Lake. The highest point is the Magaro peak – 2,255 meters elevation.

The floral life in the Galicica National Park represents over 1000 species, of which a large number of relicts and endems have the final frontier of its range exactly on the mountain Galičica. There is characteristically presence of up to now 11 discovered local endems to be found exclusively on the slopes of Galičica and nowhere else, this illustrates the specifically floristic composition of this mountain.