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Macedonia's Archeological Museums Opens Mali Dol Necropolis Exhibit

The Archeological Museum opens an exhibition of artifacts recovered from the Mali Dol site, near Negotino, where two sets of graves have been found and examined in the past six years.

One set of necropolis sites date back to the late Bronze and early Iron Age, between the 12th and 11th century BC, while the other set is from the Middle Ages, between the 11th and 12th century AD.

"Our work was meant to protect the site and was undertaken in a strictly limited area, between vineyards and gardens. A total of 60 funeral sites were discovered, dating to two historic periods", the Archeological Museum informed in a press release on Monday.

The exhibition will run until late September 2016. It will feature the burial rituals from the ancient period, and will also present the importance of this site.

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