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Macedonia Becomes Part of Balkan Mediterranean Tourist Offer

President of the Tourism Chamber, part of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Arkan Kerim, along with a delegation, attends a tourism conference in Budva Montenegro.

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

"The focus of the conference is the quality of the tourist products, which are meant to be a motor for success of the Mediterranean destinations. In this direction, we have discussed the possibility of Macedonia being actively promoted in the Balkan Mediterranean tourist offer of the World Tourism Organization. We're making efforts to promote our country in third countries as an attractive tourist destination. We have already held meetings with chambers and organizations from Jordan, Turkey, Slovenia and Croatia, in terms of future strengthening and the official cooperation," Kerim said.

A number of international tourism experts and more than 200 participants attend the conference, who in the frames of the panel discussions will have the opportunity to present their experiences and the experiences of the countries and the companies where they come from. Representatives of the European Commission who work on the preservation of the environment and the fishing industry, as well as representatives of the tourism ministries of Croatia, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta, representatives of hotels, tour operators, cruising companies and tourist association also participate at the conference.

The goal of the meeting is the establishment of a platform of Mediterranean and Balkan destinations and all relevant partners willing to work on the current and potential challenges in the aim of creating partnership with the region countries.

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