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Liam Sproat's Macedonian Adventures

Hello there,
I know Stu will end up putting this on the internet anyway, so I thought I may as well just write a couple of paragraphs to explain my whereabouts to any of you who are interested:

I'm still living in Barcelona, as an entire section filmed at 4 spots might have reflected...(in The Lovenskate Video) ... sorry, but massive props 'Serious Sam Barrett' for making it almost watchable, hahaha!

In other news, last September/October I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time in Skopje (Skopiya) the capital of Macedonia....

AND... IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Amazing people, amazing architecture, amazing scenery, epic food, rad spots and lovely ladies, as well as, 
having tomatoes you can eat like apples, I got heatstroke in the middle of October, imagine!

The following is a little edit my excellent friend Filip Mateski filmed and edited
(long distance and top notch!) and I wanted to share it...

Get yourselves over there and get exploring this magical land!



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